Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Makeover...

We have one and a half more weeks until our Grand Opening of The Design and Preview Cottage and EVERYTHING needs a little makeover at The Cottage.  We've been working hard, but we are SO excited for what is to come!

Co-owner Dana Brooks painting (notice her darling new hair!)

We sure have our work cut out for us...

Luckily we have Dana's husband, Daryl Brooks (DB) who is a painter himself!

Oh the clutter... But the green turned out EXTREMELY cute!

Dana's daughter and My Lazy Daisy employee, Erica working hard!

The new paint job in one room... SO CUTE!

Erica trying her hand at painting.

DB stepping in and showing her how it's done!

And the ceiling.  Good thing we have a professional!

The Long Arm room... We LOVE the yellow!

Dana working hard!

We love The Cottage and are going to miss seeing these vinyl letters every day!

The new and improved Fabric Room.

How about where our register used to be?

Our make-shift office... We still have to focus on our work throughout all this!

Beginning work on the office!

This is quite the transformation and we are SO excited for the opening of The Design and Preview Cottage.  Remember to come for our Open House on 
May 25-26 10 a.m. to 3 a.m.!

You don't want to miss it!


Turns out, the next door residents of 6 years finally decided to exterminate the bees as new tenants are moving in.  We HAD to snap a couple pictures.

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  1. Can't wait.......you are so full of surprises....and the talent!!! Oh MY...I will be there...............