Thursday, November 20, 2014

Naughty or Nice

 Naughty or Nice
Pre-cuts and Projects
 Assorted Pre-cuts
10x10 squares
5x5 squares
Fat Stacks (6 fat quarters)
 Santa's Workshop
The center of this project is a pre-cut panel with borders added.
A great idea for a wallhanging or table runner.
Fabrics sold individually also. 

If it's something you are wanting to Snuggle with here is a 
Minky Snuggle Quilt
"Santa Baby "
is 60x72 and the perfect family gift. 
I gave one to each of my children for a family gift and included matching stockings for each of my grandchildren.  
The stockings were filled with fun treats and gifts. 
 A Christmas Video is a great companion with a basket 
filled with treats and goodies. 
 I also added an embroidery on the corner…
Memories last a lifetime.  
A quilt is a gift which is always loved and cherished.
Every year as I open my Christmas decorations I cherish the many quilts and handmade gifts I have received and always remember who and why I love the gift and more importantly the gift giver.  

For these and many other ideas and gifts visit our shop at

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Flair for Fabric

New Release

 A Flair for Fabric
is  filled with fun projects.  
Designed by a group of 
Henry Glass Designers.
As you will see the projects offer a variety of skill levels as well as diverse ideas in using fabrics and combinations.  
As you follow each day there are fabric giveaways from Jill Finley's Jams and Jellies line.

designed by 
Jill Finley

Quilting Caddy
designed by
 Leanne Anderson
Don't miss the fun organizer for your notions.
 Close to my Heart 
designed by
Linda Lum DeBono
This pillow is a fun way to brighten up the room! 

When I am looking to design a new quilt or project I consider a few things when choosing my fabric combinations.   
Where is it going? 
What is the purpose?  
Is it for a special occasion or person?
After I consider these questions I begin with a focus print.  And then determine if it is going to be scrappy or not.  
In my early years of quilting the most fun for me was choosing fabrics and making combinations work.  I learned early by  adding a splash of a little out of the ordinary print or color always gives character and someone once told me every quilt needs a little gold. 
There are more tips for selecting fabric in the book.  

Peppermint Twist Christmas Pillow
designed by 
Dana Brooks
Don't forget this pattern can be used in a variety of ways.  Make other shapes for holidays….
A Star for 4 of July
A Pumpkin for Fall
The possibilities make this 
pattern reusable over and over.
 Here at the office of 
My Lazy Daisy 
We are always having fun creating new ideas, 
projects and color combinations.  

Their are so many things to love about quilting.  The friends we meet, the fabrics we fall in love with, the sense of accomplishment when we complete a project, the idea that we all are crazy… cutting up perfectly good fabric and then spending hours, days, weeks, months or even years sewing it all back together again.  And then the stash...
Adding a variety to our stash through the talents of many designers brings a smile to everyone. 

There is so much joy and fun to be shared 
in the world of Fabric! 

What is it you love most about Fabric?

Share your answer in the comments and you will be automatically entered to receive an eBook copy of 
A Flair for Fabric 
PLUS the fabric bundle from Henry Glass.  
A random winner will be chosen.

Please watch for other ideas as we 
share in the blog hop with 
Henry Glass Designers 
here is a list… 
Follow along!
Enjoy and have fun learning about tips and tricks in quilting and fabric from the talents of many designers. 
Remember there is fabric giveaways on each stop on the hop.

Keep in touch with us on our blog as we share in the fun of 
holidays and events 
with recipes and gift giving ideas 
in our projects. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Minky Quilts


All kinds of fun Minky for Fall
Throws and scarfs with amazing 
soft pre-made quilts.
Denim,  Stars and Stripes

The amazing new Minky prints are 
great  additions to your stash of Minky!
Check out the denim pockets
No 1 Seller in the Company!
I had customers purchase the whole bolt in Houston. 

 New Kits and Collections from EZ Fabrics
Don't miss all the new Strip Kits.
The packaging and combinations were a 
smashing success at sample spree.  
If you missed us in Houston you can visit us online
Strip Kits are simple and an easy way to use the 
fabulous softest fabric in the industry.
Watch as we bring new collections and prints to our
Minky Fabric Collections.
Get started now for the holidays and have your gifts
ready so you can sit back relax and enjoy!

Don't forget if you run out of time we have 
Pre-made Minky Quilts.
I have ordered mine for all my grandkids 
and am printing a label to Monogram them.
They are made from the highest, softest fabric in the industry the Snuggle Collection.
Offered in 7 colors ways and they come in a 
clear zipper bag with a handle.
Great for travel, keep one in the car.  
Endless Possibilites!!
Check out all the color combinations 
Order today 
and your shopping list in complete!
They are polyester and machine wash on cool.  
Place in a dryer on low heat and hang to dry. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebrate the Seasons


was completely made from Minky….
I noticed in this photo he seems to be melting?
The decals on the floor gave a 
magical snowy touch.

was the theme of the Booth and this was WINTER
 This Quilt was designed by my dear friend
Ana Gonzalez
It was also all minky and triangle scraps can be used!
 If you're looking for a fun Christmas Quilt 
is a must have.
The red minky back and wide minky binding 
makes it look like Santa's Suit. 
Also we Monogrammed Santa Baby on the corner.
Check other fun Christmas Projects and Ideas
along with pre-cuts in our
Flavor of the Month
Candy Cane Kisses...
Watch for more fun ideas from the booth in Houston
With our Celebrate the Seasons

Thursday, November 6, 2014


This was the most amazing quilt I think I have ever seen.  It won Peoples Choice in 
Houston at the International Quilt Festival.
One quilt with 3 faces….

If you looked straight on you see
From the Left 
Jackie Kennedy
From the right you see
Mother Teresa
The most depressing thing about this amazing 
quilt is... I thought I was amazing.
My quilts have their own original design 
and I am proud of them 
amazing?? Not so sure about that??
Gives me something to work on…
Got to get to the next level or maybe I will just have to settle for
somewhere less than amazing.  
That's not all bad? Right?
Please check out a few of my favorites….

Corner Flower Shop
Complete Kit Available
Complete Kit Available
Don't miss our amazing Daily Deals
Yardage starting at $2.95 per yard!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birthday Party

Party Time
Getting back to work there was a party waiting for me...

This card was my favorite especially the Sexier part…
Older… no doubt.
Wiser… I hope so.
Sexier… I wish?
Thanks to Phoebe for the card!

And the Party Crew
 The funniest part is I pulled into work and 
was on a phone call.  I didn't come in for about 10 minutes finishing up my call... When I walked in the surprise crew was tired of waiting for me to arrive. 

 BALLOONS and all the fun!
thanks to 
Carma, Barbara, Autumn, Brandy, and Kay!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Festival Quilt Market

Come visit Dana... 
at the 2014 Festival Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. You'll find her in Booth 546 with all the new kits that are available. The show starts Thursday and runs through Sunday. The preview is Wednesday night!

Come check out these perfect pre-made quilts. These plush & snuggly pre-made quilts make the perfect gift!

We have a fun minky selection and it will be available to 
purchase by the yard. You will want to buy it ALL!

 Come see all the patriotic minky prints in the new
Americana Collection